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March 2019

Culinary Tales/ Sweet Things

Lucky Charms Krispie Treats

I have a confession to make .. I’ve never actually made Rice Krispie Treats. These Lucky Charms Krispie Treats are my first attempt. I knew they would be sweet, smooth, sticky, and crunchy. The melted marshmallows mixed with the Lucky Charms make for a sweetly, satisfying treat. I just can not get over how easy & quick they were to make! A perfect last minute St. Patrick’s Day treat for the kids and kids at heart 🙂 These work equally as well for Easter. The pastel colors of the marshmallows are so pretty and festive.

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Culinary Tales/ Meats

Reuben Soup with Homemade Rye Croutons

This Reuben Soup is basically like a deconstructed version of a Reuben. Man oh man.. is it delicious! It has a cream base. It’s filled with vegetables & corned beef. Then it’s topped off with the most perfect little croutons (I literally could not stop eating the croutons…by themselves .. like they were chips). They are just so good and they compliment the soup wonderfully giving it the crunch it craves!

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