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Bourbon Apple Smash

Bourbon is a type of American Whiskey. It’s typically aged for over two years in oak barrels and made mostly from Corn. I love using it in fall cocktails, because it pairs so well with fruits without going overly sweet! This Bourbon Apple Smash contains bourbon, vanilla, hard cider, and fresh apples. It’s sweet and warm with a little spice!

Choosing Your Bourbon

If you don’t already have your own favorite bourbon, when it comes to choosing one, some have higher percentages of rye then others. The more traditional recipes include : Jim Beam, Wild Turkey, Knob Creek, & Evan Williams. They’re composed of mostly corn with equal amounts of rye and barley. Then there’s a traditional wheat recipe, with a little kick to them, which includes Maker’s Mark. Or you have your high rye’s like Old Grandad and Woodford Reserve, which are a little softer. I’m opting for Knob Creek because it’s one of my favorites.

Let’s Talk Hard Cider

My love for Hard Cider runs deep. An ice cold crisp Hard Cider really hits the spot any day. Adding it to this cocktail provides a full circle unity between the vanilla, apple, and spice flavors it’s got going on. What’s not to love?! When it comes to ciders I have many that I like. Many, many, many. I love trying new ciders as well. Generally, I like affordable with fresh flavors! Some of my favorites are :

  • Bold Rock Hard Cider
  • Woodchuck Hard Cider Amber Draft
  • Crispin Hard Cider
  • Redd’s Hard Cider
  • Strongbow Hard Cider

Bourbon Apple Smash

Fill your glass with ice.

Grab your bourbon, pour an ounce of it straight over the ice.

Add your vanilla & a dash of cinnamon. Stir the cocktail well.

Finally, pour the cider in, filling up the glass.

Garnish with a thin slice of apple. It looks pretty on the glass, plus it tastes delicious when it soaks in the drink and gets all boozy!

This is a super simple cocktail with classic fall flavors!



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