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Bourbon & Vanilla Bean Root Beer Floats

In honor of National Root Beer Float Day I’m currently in my kitchen mixing up some Bourbon & Vanilla Bean Root Beer Floats !


I love Root Beer Floats, they remind me of when I was little. Whenever I would go over to my best friend Molly’s house after school her dad would always make us Rootbeer Floats . There’s nothing like watching the fizz and bubbles that come up to the top as you pour that first drop of rootbeer over that velvety smooth ice cream. We would take them outside and guzzle them right down as we sat on her porch swing.

Apparently,  Root beer was invented right before Prohibition went in to effect , as a way to excite people’s taste buds while replacing alcohol. I guess it’s ironic than that I’m about to go ahead & pour three different kinds of booze in this glass. But, I’m doing it anyway !!

While the star of this baby is definitely the Not Your Father’s Root Beer , it’s paired with Jack Daniels , and a splash of Rumchata for that little extra kick. The flavor profile here is literally so dynamic it will totally hit the spot !

1 oz Jack Daniels
1 splash Rumchata
1 bottle of Not Your Father’s Rootbeer
Two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream

Pour approximately one ounce of Jack Daniels (or your desired whiskey or bourbon) into the bottom of the glass. Next add two scoops of vanilla icecream. Top with a splash of Rumchata. Finally, pour the Not Your Father’s Rootbeer in. Be careful not to pour in too much too fast . Just like a non alcoholic float the carbonation in the small space can overflow quickly!

For a really mouthwatering non alcoholic version : Simply mix up the flavor of icecream you want to use. I love using coffee flavored ice cream instead or a really nice caramel gelato. Or mix up the liquid you’re pouring over the icecream. I actually just made a non alcoholic version as well for my little one. Personally he doesn’t care for soda or anything carbonated. (And I’m not complaining, one less thing for me to worry about right…I hope he never outgrows that) In his, we placed two scoops of vanilla ice cream in the glass & simply poured some mango nectar over top. You could also use coke, grape soda, lemonade, raspberry lemonade, orange juice, pineapple juice, etc. The possibilities are always endless in the kitchen.


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