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Culinary Tales/ Savory Vegetables

Less is More Guacamole


Today I’m sharing my favorite Guacamole recipe with you.  Less is more. This applies to so many things in life, but when it comes to seasoning and flavor profiles, this couldn’t be more true.

My go to Guacamole recipe is simple and it’s healthy. I make this like three times a week because, honestly I’m obsessed with avocados like obsessed.. Continue Reading…

Culinary Tales/ Savory Vegetables

Baked “Better Than Fried” Fries

These are my “Better Than Fried” Fries. I almost always have potatoes on hand. Plus these are so easy & so delicious. I usually make them once a week. What makes these worth writing about is how good they are. Fries are one of my fave things. I love potatoes in general. They are so versatile! That, plus the fact that these are baked in the oven makes these perfect. My whole family is in love with these!
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