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20 Breathtaking Virtual Field Trips For Kids

Whether you’re homeschooling this year or just trying to find something fun to do with the kids on a rainy weekend, these 20 Breathtaking Virtual Field Trips For Kids will keep your curious little ones entertained and yearning to learn more!

National Aquarium in Baltimore

The National Aquarium in Baltimore is host to an array of sea creatures for your child to explore and learn more about! From Sharks to Jellies go floor to floor learning more about these fascinating things.

You can have another fun aquarium experience by visiting the Georgia Aquarium Webcams . Here your children can watch live footage of the Whale Sharks. The Georgia Aquarium is the only aquarium in America that houses these beautiful creatures!

Marine Discovery Center

After checking out the aquariums head on over to the Marine Discovery Center located in New Smryna Beach, Florida! From sea turtle videos to bird walks, Here you can learn a little more about everything: animals, plants, conservation, science research, invasive species, and beyond!

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

Next, head right around the corner to check out the fascinating history of this beautiful lighthouse located on the Ponce Inlet. You can read up on, and visit the inside, as well as take in the gorgeous view from this stunning lighthouse!

San Diego Zoo

Giraffes, Tigers, & Elephants oh my! Visit the San Diego virtually by checking out each of their web cams, view the animals and learn a little bit more about each one as you go! The Zoo is a protected haven where they believe caring for endangered species can help protect against extinction! They have released over 44 species back into the wild.

You can also check out the Zoocams at the Omaha Zoo! Check out the many different species, interactive videos, and activities you can do with the whole family. Bring the zoo to you!

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

You can take room-by-room tours of select exhibits and areas. From Dinosaur Fossils to unique botanical species and human origins the Smithsonian is filled with wonder. You can go exhibit by exhibit viewing and reading all about these ancient artifacts.

Glacier National Park

Visit Glacier National Park and even take a virtual hike!

International Space Station

Go to space on a virtual field trip! Check out how the astronauts live in this really cool footage at the International Space Station. Watch how having no gravity effects everything from brushing their teeth to exercising, how they sleep, use the bathroom, what they eat, and even the view of Earth from space!

Not only are these videos enlightening but, they are extremely entertaining as well! Not only did my son love these, but I really found it fascinating as well!

You can also check out NASA Glenn Virtual Tours to see some really awesome footage of this research center, control room, and innovative technology where they strive to advance NASA’s missions in aeronautics and space exploration!

In The Sky Planetarium

Now, that you’ve seen how the astronauts live, let’s check out the planets & stars right in your own backyard. You can see exactly what’s above you in the sky, in real time by visiting the In The Sky Online Planetarium! Or even Take a Virtual Walk on Mars and learn a little more about Asteroids and Comets !

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty has a virtual tour that will take you all around Ellis Island and inside the Statue as well!

Mount St. Helens

Watch the live cam and check out one of the largest and most studied active volcanos!

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Also located in New York the is the perfect time to head on over to The Metropolitan Museum of Art and check out some of the amazing pieces you can find there!

This virtual tour of The Museum of Modern Art is also really neat and features Van Gogh, Warhol, Monet, and DaVinci plus many more!

Louvre Museuem

Next, take a trip to the Louvre. The world’s largest art museum and a historic monument located in Paris, France. Here you can take a tour while checking out some iconic works of art!

The Great Wall of China

Take in all the beauty of the Great Wall of China on this virtual tour that let’s you get up close and personal!

Aurora Borealis

Finish it all off with one of these breathtaking tours from Sweden of the Aurora Borealis! Until you can see the northern lights in person, this may just be the next best thing!

15 Virtual Field Trips For Kids

1) National Aquarium in Baltimore

2) Georgia Aquarium

3) Marine Discovery Center

4) Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

5) San Diego Zoo

6) Omaha Zoo

7) Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

8) Glacier National Park

9) International Space Station

10) NASA Glenn Virtual Tours

11) In The Sky Planetarium

12) Take a Walk on Mars

13) Asteroids & Comets

14) Statue of Liberty

15) Mount St. Helens (Volcano)

16) Metropolitan Museum of Art

17) The Museum of Modern Art

18) The Louvre

19) The Great Wall of China

20) Aurora Borealis

Take a trip around the world from the comfort of your own couch!

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Don’t Forget To Fall In Love With Yourself First

You know when you first start dating someone? You’re both on your best behavior. You want to impress them. Show them all of your best qualities.

That’s sweet and all, right?

So, what if we put that much time and effort into trying to impress ourselves? People to often sell themselves short.

Today I want to talk about why you really have to love yourself before you can really love and appreciate someone else! Continue Reading…

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Celebrating the Holidays with Hatfield® Ham

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ad #HolidaysWithHatfield  #simplyHatfield #CollectiveBias

Christmas is by far my favorite time of year! It’s filled with so many great traditions. Making cookies, decorating the tree, building a Gingerbread House, and one of my favorites: having a Holiday Ham Dinner. When it comes to Ham, it’s important to purchase a high quality Ham from a company you can trust. Hatfield® has a fool proof recipe for creating the best pork products. I love their promise to the environment: they use environmentally-friendly fuel sources and take recycling very seriously.

Plus, they make sure their farmers meet the highest standards for good farming practices and use only pigs from a long line of heritage. Then they treat those pigs with care, practicing high safety standards, and holding humane handling training. They are ethically raised with no hormones or steroids added!

Long story, short – They take pride in what they do and provide the best pork products for you and your family to enjoy. I’m happy to be using Hatfield® Ham in my Holiday Dinner!

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Grilled Waffle Bar

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #EggoWaffleBar #CollectiveBias

Have I ever told you how much I love waffles? They can be sweet or savory. Simple or Complex. They’re incredibly versatile and pretty much people pleasers. We’re having some guests over and I wanted to do something different. So, this weekend I’ve created a whole Kellogg’s Eggo Waffle Bar with all kinds of delicious choices. Since, it’s so nice outside, my focus was grilling as much as I possibly can. You can’t beat that smoky flavor the grill adds to everything it touches.

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5 Steps To Creating A Gallery Wall


After moving not so recently, it’s taken us awhile to unpack the boxes and really get all of our stuff together . Hang pictures on walls, put out the knick knacks, and just make this house our home. As someone who has spent the majority of their life moving around. I am happy to be able to really settle in this time. And make this a cozy space. The key to achieving a “homey” atmosphere lies in decorating with pictures of family/friends and comforting memories. So I’m making the focal point of the living room a gallery wall with some of my favorite moments .


The great thing about Gallery Walls is that you can use mixed media! Whether it’s wall art (a key, a fish, an arrow etc) or paintings, pictures on canvases, pictures in frames, pictures on wood planks.. the possibilities are endless. It’s a great way to showcase your personality and give your space that little something extra. It’s your chance to convey who you are and what you like to those visiting your home, and a reminder to you of what makes you happy!



Step One : Figure Out What You Want To Feature

The best way to start is to pick out some of your favorite things that can be hung up and definitely pick out your favorite pictures . A statement piece is always nice as well! I’ve got a sea inspired theme going on, so I’ve got some beautiful metal turtles I’ll be hanging. Along with pictures of the family including a beautiful Planked Wood photo of my son for the focal point. I received it from photography .com. They do such a great job of making gorgeous works of art, out of your photos and I highly recommend them! I’m including a link below, so you can easily find them and purchase your own photo products. Plus by using this link you can take advantage of the Buy One, Get Three Free deal going on for a limited time! Four amazing prints to get you started on your own gallery wall!

Statement Photography

Statement Photography is a great way to showcase your memories.  Using pictures of you, family, friends, or scenery that are printed on mixed media for an artistic impact!

This picture above is printed on Wood! I love the details. The wood has such a rustic charm to it. The Wood prints are made with planked wood. They use High Definition Printing. So, the picture shows up so vibrantly!

I love Photography .Com for these types of products because they offer so many gorgeous options!

Metal Prints -Canvases -Acrylics -Bamboo -Glass -Framed Canvas -Picture Blocks -Picture Plaques -Clocks -Planked Wood Prints -Chalkboard etc.

In addition to the Planked Wood print I also got a Chalkboard from Photography . com. I love that they are stylish, yet functional. They come in espresso or black finishes. When I received the prints I was literally taken back by how well they were translated , they both looked sharp and flawless. And they look amazing on our walls! They offer numerous size options too. So, really whatever look you’re trying to achieve can be accommodated.


I just made over my work space, so this Chalkboard is the perfect finishing touch! I’m hanging the chalkboard over my desk. The print I chose is a picture I took in Florida that is relaxing to me. Now, I have the perfect space to stay organized & not get overwhelmed while working!


Also, one of my favorite amenities is that the products come ready to hang. They already have all of the necessary hardware attached securely to the back. Which is amazing because when they arrive and you see how good they look, you’ll want to get them up on your walls ASAP!

{These products make such great gift ideas too!;)}


Mixing It Up

When considering what you’ll hang, think about mixing up the sizes and colors. You can even mix up the style of frames. Aside from your statement photos consider using: Letters that mean something to you, Words, or a saying.Think : “Home is where the heart is”  “Seas the Day” or “The Smiths” Something that inspires or appeals to you. Also, consider using paintings. This could be something simple to add color or something more detailed like a City Scape or an Animal..



Step Two: Collect Your Tools

After, you  have successfully decided what you’re arranging on your wall now it’s time to figure out the specifics of where. Ideally you’ll want to use a level to keep things even, and a measuring tape if you want to be precise and figure out exact measurements. You will obviously need a hammer and some sort of nails. I like to use the picture hangers because they just always feel more secure to me!


Step Three : Envision The Wall & How You Want To Arrange It

I have been known to hammer in a few nails before actually figuring out exactly where a picture is supposed to be. When that happens sometimes you can get lucky and cover those unnecessary holes with the actual picture, other times they just turn out to be eyesores and they are not attractive, so this time I’m going to do a little planning..just a little . I’m literally just going to lay everything out on the floor near the wall so I can kind of envision how I want them all positioned . That way I’ll have a better idea before I get too far to turn back!

While envisioning the placement, it is important to consider the sizes and shapes of the items you’ve chosen.
I think it looks most balanced if you have a few different shapes (even if they are all squares but one is just slightly smaller or larger etc) As long as you make sure you’ve got balance it will be cohesive.


Step Four: Hang Your Art:

The best way to keep track of your idea for the layout is to leave them laid out on the floor and start with one picture at a time! Start with the middle pieces and move out and around from there. By doing this you can make sure it’s centered. Once, one is hammered in securely hung, move on to the next!


Step Five: Step back and Admire your work

Now that you’ve got it all securely on the wall, take a step back and really look at it. Don’t be afraid to adjust it and make any necessary changes.

When it comes to decorating there are plenty of dos & don’ts and innovative or classic ideas, but at the end of the day it’s important that the aesthetic you’re creating matches your personality , after all you’re the one who gets to enjoy it everyday and call your house a home!

The Chalkboard and Planked Wood Print were provided to me complimentary, but as always all opinions are authentic and my own. This post contains affiliate links.