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Cocktails/ Culinary Tales

The Bee’s Knees

I’m fascinated by The Prohibition Era, as well as Speakeasys and the thoughtful cocktails that came into fruition during that time. One of my favorites is “The Bee’s Knees”. It was a Prohibition Era cocktail that used sweet honey to help hide the harsh aroma & taste of home concocted gin. It consists of Gin, Fresh Lemon, & Honey. Even now with plenty of smooth gin choices the sweetness of the honey and sour kiss of lemon compliment it well! It’s fresh, light, & perfect for spring! I’m also adding rosemary and vanilla for a classic twist! Continue Reading…

Cocktails/ Culinary Tales

Fresh Blueberry Sangria

What better way to send the summer off with a bang, than a nice fresh sangria. I’ve always loved sangria. Recently on my trip to Florida it became my drink of choice. Mainly because almost every restaurant and bar had a fantastic fresh version! One of my favorites was at a little bar and restaurant called The Salty Pelican. It has a great view of the water & an abundance of laid-back charm! They make theirs with muddled blackberries. This inspired my drink for today! I could not find blackberries that met my standards so i’m using fresh blueberries, alongside oranges, limes, lemons, & apples.

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