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Fresh squeezed Blood orange crush

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Blood Orange Crush

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I’m sharing the recipe for this Blood Orange Crush. I knew I wanted to make a cocktail using Blood Oranges. I love everything about them. First off, they are gorgeous!

Secondly, they taste amazing! Depending on where you live they can be difficult to find, but they are definitely worth the search.

They’re also super healthy, the red flavonoid pigments that give the oranges their bold crimson color are filled with antioxidants that can help to prevent a whole range of free radicals and diseases. Taste wise, they are so much smoother than regular oranges, and a little sweeter too. They are good in salads, cakes, donuts, & scones amongst other foods. They are fantastic paired with any liquor. So, I’m pairing them with vodka in this Blood Orange Crush.

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