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The Ultimate Last Minute Halloween Party

Whether you’re a procrastinator like me or you’ve just decided at the very last minute that you’re throwing a Halloween Party. I’ve got lots of tips and ideas for you! From decorations & dinner to drinks & desserts. I’m going to show you how to throw the ultimate last minute Halloween party.

How To Throw The Ultimate Last Minute Halloween Party

I’m going to walk you through each aspect of the last minute party planning check list! Starting with Decorations!


The first thing to consider. The decorations will set the tone for the whole party! Even though this is last minute that does not mean you have to phone it in!

Start by deciding on your color palette for the party. Will you go Classic orange and black? Throw in a little green and purple? Go coastal with some sea foam greens and lights blues, farmhouse or a different way entirely? It’s totally up to you.

For this party I’ve decided to use some classic black & white touches. I was able to pick up quite a few cute Halloween pieces from the Dollar Spot at Target as well as the trinket area at my local Michaels. I’ll be combining these festive finds with a couple of quick DIY projects!

  • DIY Pumpkin Ice Bucket

One of my favorite easy yet stunning decorations (which doubles as a centerpiece) for Halloween or Fall centric parties – the DIY Pumpkin Ice Bucket! Simple, easy, and impactful !

To make this Pumpkin Ice Bucket select a large pumpkin that stands flat!

First, cut the top open. Empty the ‘guts’ out.
I always set the seeds aside to roast them in the oven later. They turn out so yummy!

Make sure to wash them and let them dry and then you can bake them! Try this classic snickerdoodle pumpkin seed recipe.

Once you’ve completely removed the inside of the pumpkin, set the entire pumpkin aside to dry out overnight.

If you’re feeling crafty you can decorate your pumpkin. Get your paints ready and do a nice chevron pattern, stripes, or even polka dots!

Using painters or washi tape create the pattern you want. Or do it free hand! Start painting the pumpkin. When you’ve achieved your desired look set aside to dry.

Of course if you’re in a hurry leaving the pumpkin plain is an excellent alternative – or even using paint markers can speed up the process! I’m leaving mine plain.

Right before the party fill your pumpkin with ice. Place your beverages right in the ice (soda, wine, juice boxes, etc.)

Easy and impactful! If you like this craft try making some pumpkin vases to go along with your ice bucket for even more pumpkin spirit!

Using a small pumpkin, cut the top off and remove the guts again. This time fill your pumpkin with flowers of your choice! Because we’re NOT putting water in the pumpkin these will not stay fresh for long, so be sure to make them right before the party!

  • Printables

Another easy and great way to decorate is by using printables! Check out these super cute decorations by Clementine Creative !

Photo by Clementine Creative


Next, we’re going to talk beverages. In addition to the ice bucket filled with drinks I always like to come up with a signature cocktail or mock tail. In this case we’re making both, so let’s start with our mock tail!

  • Witch’s Brew – A Non-Alcoholic Halloween Punch

To serve this fun party punch I’m using a plastic cauldron which I picked up at the Target Dollar Spot.

Place 5-6 scoops of rainbow sherbet in your cauldron. Next, pour about half a liter of grape soda straight on top of that. This will cause bubbling just like a witch’s brew!

Finally, add some plastic/candy – fingers, eyeballs , bugs etc whatever you can get your hands on ! Serve with a ladle and cups!


  • Salted Caramel Appletinis

On to the cocktails! There are so many options when it comes to cocktails! One great option would be Salted Caramel Appletinis

They are a super delicious, festive twist to the classic Appletini.


Whatever you decide to serve for your Halloween spread you really can’t go wrong. There are so many ways to give your food a little festive flair!

For this party I’ve decided to serve up some traditional snacks like chips & guacamole, mini pizzas, veggies and dip, as well as Mummy Dogs & Chicken Cordon Boo Bites.

  • Chicken Cordon Boo Bites

The Chicken Cordon Boo Bites are super simple to make!

Bake your chicken nuggets in the oven. Set aside.

Using a ghost cookie cutter, cut out ghost shapes from sliced cheese. I used pre sliced mozzarella cheese.

Next, roll up a piece of ham. Then place the chicken nugget on the bottom, then your ham, and finally place your mozzarella ghost on top. Using a pic to hold them all together. Finally, serve them with honey mustard for dipping!

  • Mummy Dogs

You’ve probably seen these floating around pinterest. That’s because they come out so cute, taste delicious, and they’re easy to make. Especially at the last minute!

Start by cutting your crescent dough into thin strips. Next, wrap the dough around your hotdog – like a mummy! Bake according to the directions on the crescent dough package. Let cool a little and add eyes with mustard!

  • Some other quick & easy snacks:

This super yummy Jack Skellington Cheese Ball with Pumpkin Tortilla Chips by Simplistically Living

This quick & fun take on Guacamole with Chips. Halloween Witch Chips and Guacamole by Marathons and Motivations


Arguably one of the most important parts of a Halloween Party – Sweets. From Pumpkin Cheesecake to Caramel Apples the possibilities are endless! Here are a few of my faves:

  • Pumpkin Patch Dirt Cups

Start by making chocolate pudding according to the package directions. Next, place the pudding in the bottom of a plastic cup.
Add Oreo cookie crumbs on top of the pudding like “dirt”. Then, add grass sprinkles, gummy worms, and candy pumpkins on top! Easy and the kids love these. You can make these ahead of time and store them in the fridge!

Spooky Halloween Bark by Mom Foodie

Photo by Mom Foodie

Halloween Monster Marshmallows by Finding Zest

Photo by Finding Zest

Party Favors

Finally, let’s wrap up the party with some goodie bags! Giving your guests something to take home with them is the perfect way to thank them for coming to the party. Here are some of my favorite, quick ideas!

DIY Paint A Pumpkin Kit by Protecting Your Pennies

Photo by Protecting Your Pennies

Halloween DIY Bubbles by Spaceships and Laserbeams

Now that we’ve taken care of the kids here’s my favorite adult goodie bag:

Adult Trick or Treat Bags

To make these cute and practical treat bags for your guests that are 21 & older, grab a few mini alcohol bottles from the liquor store. You’ll also need some plastic bags, soda or other mixer of your choice, and some candy!

Consider what your guests like and pair them up in a plastic bag, tieing it with a ribbon! I opted for Cranberry Vodka with Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry & Coca-Cola with Rum. Next, handprint these cute little tags to tie on as well!

You’re sure to have a spooky Halloween Party none of your guests will forget!


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